Flash SG creations

What am I?

An air from asia

Under the pseudonym flash SG I am a self-taught illustrator.
I am also the author of the manga Elbrasombre, which I publish in self-publishing on my website and online reading platforms.

I’ve always liked to draw. when I was little I scribbled in the margins of my notebooks, but it’s around the age of 11 (I’m 30) that I seriously started to draw. I created my first little comic book.

My influences are manga, more precisely Japanese anime like sailor moon. the Franco-Belgian comics like Asterix or Titeuf. the cartoons of the time (90-2000). the cult series of the same years charmed, Buffy against vampires. the films like retour vers le futur, Sos fantômes etc…

and the Harry Potter saga.

If you want an illustration, you can contact me via the contact form.

I use as material for traditional drawing.

A criterium, for inking a ballpoint pen or a fountain pen with Indian ink.

For the color, watercolor paint, sometimes color pencils or alcohol-based felt-tip pens.

for digital:

I use a Cintiq 13hd tablet from Wacom.
for software I use clip paint studio , Photoshop, gimp.
I use Inkscape and krita on rare occasions.

I like to learn new things and experiment with 3d and 3 dimensional sculpture with Zbrush and Blender.